There are only food supplements in that mayonnaise!

Mayo may be a few minutes late.

Willie asked for more money.

You should have consulted your lawyer.


I'm pretty sure I'll get used to this eventually.

I wonder how many students are in Dion's class.

I'm beginning to lose hope.

A bird in hand is safer than one overhead.

Guido said he was disappointed.

Luke didn't do much work today.

What's this stuff?

Vick's goal was to become famous.

Pia bought a new car.

Johnny wants to kill you, Himawan.

The woman is very beautiful, when she passes, men admired for her beauty.

Father will never approve of my marriage.

My house is very near the park.

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Many people cannot understand the way hackers behave.

Also, could you please contact me if you would like to present your opinion on any of the topics listed?

I'm not rich enough to buy cheap things.

Reindeer have been herded for centuries by the Sami and the Nenets.

I soon noticed his absence.


Let's just go to sleep.

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He made her his secretary.

I've been in love with you since kindergarten.

I'm not the kind of person that you think I am.

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We don't need to go there.


Have you also got a few clean cups?


I realize it's hard to believe.

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I know when I've lost.


What was the message?

People say she was an actress when she was young.

You're absolutely perfect, in every way.

I am a new student.

Pablo has a medical bracelet.

I don't like this one; show me another.

It is difficult to give up a long love suddenly.

She was forced to confess.

We're all Canadians.

I'll go there.

It is three years since my sister got married.


I haven't seen anything of him for some time.

Winston reached for the check.

Per wouldn't listen.

He is possessed of a wide landed property.

The hotel was burned down.


Why are you so stupid?


A long tongue is a sign of a short hand.

He liked to skip rocks in the early morning and watch them ricochet across the smooth surface of the pond.

What kind of bread are you eating?

She writes a very good hand.

Don't worry, it will be nice.

Rock and roll was a creation of the young generation.

Could you teach me French?

We have two pieces of evidence of his guilt.

I did not know this.

The calculator is a wonderful invention.

He has had surgery on his left leg.


Almost all the students enjoy their school life.

Tobias wanted to free the captive dogs.

That sounds like a train.

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It is a great honor for me to have been elected chairman.

This is the last food there is on this boat.

Those little yogurts may be guiltless, but do they really taste like key lime pie?

Do you go by train or by car?

Pick a book for yourself!

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I know Kriton isn't in very good shape.

Why didn't you slow down?

I'm sorry I couldn't help you.


He and I are bosom friends.

The river is frozen over.

Dickens' thoughts come across along with the vivid depiction of old London.

Can money buy happiness?

What do I tell Vladimir?

Why were they chosen?

If you do not observe these regulations, you will be penalized by me.

Petr hardly does anything other than read books.

I don't believe you anymore.

He is a hard man to get at.

Can you come here a second?

Is it poisonous?

The apple is on the table.

What do you plan to do?

He has a heart condition.


I hope you find her.

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I suggest you and Duncan don't talk about Carole.

We're not at war with them.

Doctors should exercise caution when prescribing opioids.


Sundar didn't regret his refusal.


The problem was that I had nothing to say to him.


The ages of the two children put together was equivalent to that of their father.

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She is as beautiful as a rose.

Merat is very sad.

I like to make my wife happy.

The land descended to his family.

There is no going out in this weather.

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I understand that Damon is leaving Boston tonight.

What do you usually do on Sundays?

Why doesn't she play with me anymore?

Are there enough chairs to seat 12 people?

Please speak English.

The gum's ten cents.

I had intended to go with Tracey.

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Let people live peacefully!

My left heel is inflamed.

Danzig is a Polish town.

A moat was dug around the castle to thwart attackers.

She's singing in her room.

Kevan is coming up the front walk.

My cow has worms in its anus.

He got off the train.

I didn't make any mistakes.

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"You probably wouldn't like going camping with me." "You're wrong. In fact, I think I'd like that very much."


He deals in used cars.

I've never made this kind of mistake before.

Do you want a glass of water?

Health is more important than wealth.

The president of the company asked Eva to fire half of the company's workers. And then he fired Seth.

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Kate knows how to make a cake.

Petr has grown.

Visit my webpage and find out more about me.

I can't believe that she did it to me.

Is everything where it's supposed to be?


Jingbai shovelled the snow off the roof after the snowstorm.

Have you ever played baseball?

He has a cold now.


That is no business of yours.

How did a total stranger know his name?

I live next to Antonella.

As a child, he went to Paris three times.

We should have a celebration, Kory.

I have come here just to help.

I'd be happy to show you around.

Oh, buddy, what I need is a strong stimulus, in the most hedonistic meaning of the word.

I have acrophobia.

Agatha has a very thick accent.

Her studies contributed greatly to developing scientific research.


Jon used to be fun to hang out with.

That guy is a bandit.

Connie can't wait to talk to Ariel.

I want to live in Tampa.

Anyway, it's a shame that you do not read letters.

That's true for every day except one.

Dan's home phone was tapped by police.


I don't like him much, in fact I hate him.


We'll be safe as long as we stay here.

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My grandfather was born in 1920.

Police did not interfere with the protest.

The policeman showed Sidney his badge.

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Some people think the government has way too much power.

There is nothing that cannot be translated.

I met him in Boston last week.

We should let sleeping dogs lie.

I have trouble picturing that.

He's not serious.

We must come up with a plan.


Didn't you say Ric was an architect?


She drank a cup of milk.

When will dinner be ready? I'm terribly hungry.

Were you conscientious?

She was careful opening the drawer.

Everyone knows that this chemical is harmful to man.


There is a toilet on the fourth floor, too.